Peña Martín Romero

Diploma in podiatry, Head of Podiatric Clinic Peña. Teacher in the school of posturology Villeneuve

Experience in laser treatments since 2014.

2019. Training in neurosensory posturotherapy, studying the first year of two. Higher school of posturology.
2014-2018: Training in posturopodia. Ultrafine orthoplasties seminar. Seminar of bioregulation and reactive scars. School of posturology Villeneuve. Madrid 2013/14: Thierry Tepot posturology course. Madrid.
2012/13: Postgraduate course in cures and surgical principles in podiatry. University of Barcelona.
2010/11: Graduate posturology and podoposturology. University of Barcelona.
2008/09: Postgraduate course in sports podiatry. University of Barcelona.
2005/06: Postgraduate course in foot pathomecanics and its orthopodological treatments. University of Barcelona.
2004/05: Postgraduate degree in pediatric surgical foot podiatry. Done at the Complutense University of Madrid.
1999-2002: Diploma in podiatry. Complutense University of Madrid.

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