Dra. Alejandra Menassa

President of SESMI Internist, Hospital Doce de Octubre. Internal Medicine Department of CMI (Clinic of Integrative Medicine), Madrid, (SP)

Dr. Alejandra Menassa de Lucia is a specialist in Internal Medicine, with five years of experience as an assistant in the Emergency Department of Internal Medicine at the Hospital Doce de Octubre in Madrid, Psychoanalyst of the School of Psychoanalysis Grupo Cero and Co-director of its Clinical Department. Ozonotherapist.

Responsible for the Department of Internal Medicine of CMI (Integrative Medicine Clinic) and the Ozone Therapy Service of the same entity.

President of SESMI (Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine) Member of ESIM (European Society of Integrative Medicine) and SEMI (Spanish Society of Internal Medicine).

Author of several books on Medicine and Psychoanalysis.

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