Dra. Bibiana Carrasco

Dra. Bibiana Carrasco, Medical Doctor, Pediatric Surgeon Specialist, Massagist and Reflexologist

Bibiana Carrasco Domínguez, born in Barcelona on 1956.


Medical Doctor since 1980

Paediatric Surgeon Specialist since 1983

Massagist qualified since 2000

Reflexology Diplomate since 2003, H. Marquardt School in Barcelona.

Paediatric Surgery occupation:

Clinical work in many hospitals in Cataluña since 1983.

Activity in Congresses and cientific publications in several national and interantional places.

Reflexology occupation:

Masage and Reflexology Team  Coordination of AFANOC (Catalan cancer children Association) in Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida, since  2004.

Oncologic children treatment in  Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, since  2004.

Oncologic adults treatment in ASSOCIACIÓ MARESME ONCOLÒGIC (Cancer association) of Mataró, (2010- 2013).

Teaching  in Sant Joan de Déu Nursery School (Barcelona) since 2006.

Teaching in severals schools in Catalonia, Spain and Europe since  2010.

Activity in several national and international Congresses since 2005.

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