A. General rules

1. The deadline for modifying and submitting abstracts has been extended up to 31 May, 2019 at 23:59 hours.

2. It should be indicated to which main topic the abstract is being presented. Main Topics:

  • Research
  • Clinical Health
  • Education
  • Integrative and Traditional Medicine
  • Biological Practices
  • Complementary and Integrative Health
  • Various

3. The maximum number of authors for the abstract is limited to 6.At least one of the authors of the accepted abstract must be registered in the congress and have paid the corresponding fee before 30 July.

4. A maximum of 3 abstracts can be accepted by the same main author. The abstracts can be sent in Spanish or English. Make sure that your abstract does not contain spelling or grammar errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as it is sent.

5. On 1 July at the latest, the main author will be notified by email whether the abstract has been accepted or rejected, and whether it will be presented orally or as a poster. The Scientific Committee will decide the final format (oral or poster) in which the submitted papers will be presented. This means that the formats sent by the authors can be modified.
If the scientific committee indicates that the abstract needs some corrections, the authors will have a single opportunity to send a new version of the summary according to the suggestions and corrections made by the scientific committee.

6. The day and time that the works will be presented will depend on the thematic area, and can be consulted in the program.

7. The name and affiliation of the authors should not appear in the title or abstract text. In any case, the scientific committee will evaluate it without identification.

8. The accepted abstracts can be consulted on the congress website.

9. Sending an abstract to the congress supposes the acceptance of the rules of the present call. The Scientific Committee’s decisions about the communications are unappealable. The organization will reject the abstracts that do not follow the above rules.

10. As a general rule, abstracts in which the commercial name of the therapeutic products appears will not be accepted. In case of doubt the decision of acceptance or not will be of the scientific committee.

Corrections to the abstracts cannot be accepted after the deadline.

  • First, second and third prizes to the best oral presentation
  • First, second and third prizes to the best poster

To qualify for the prize it is essential that the work is original, and has not been published, or been previously awarded a prize, although these works can participate in the congress with the aim of dissemination.


B. Form and contents

It is necessary to correctly complete all the information requested in the online form:

  • Structure of the abstract:

Abstract:maximum 300 words with the following format:

Objectives: identify clearly and precisely the purpose of the study.
Material and method: study population and selection criteria, sample size, variables and measurement methods.

  • Structure of the study

Background – Objectives
Problem description – Material and method
Results and Discussion
Bibliography: Vancouver style
Source: Arial12


  • The oral communications will have 10 minutes to be presented. An author can only present one work in ORAL format, although can be co-author of other abstracts.
  • The presentation should be made in PowerPoint format. Please save your presentation on a USB stick and bring it to the conference. You can upload your presentation at the PowerPoint delivery point. Presentations must be uploaded at least one hour before the start of the session.
  • A PowerPoint template will be made available to the authors privately to facilitate the design of the presentation. The first slide, at least, should have the congress image.


  • Accepted posters can be viewed in the poster exhibition area during the Guided Poster Session.
  • If your poster is assigned to the following dates you must hang it up as indicated:
    • Friday 13 September, 2019, 18:45-19:15: hang it between 14:00-18:15, removal no later than 20:00
    • Saturday 14 September, 2019, 12:30-13:30: hang it between 09:00-12:00, removal no later than 15:00
    • Saturday 14 September, 2019, 18:15-19:00: hang it between 16:00-17:45, removal no later than 20:00
  • Posters that are not removed will be kept by staff until the end of the conference day, and will be disposed of after that.
  • The maximum poster size is 90cm wide x120cm high. Each poster will have a location on the display panel that can be identified with the corresponding number. The material for putting the poster up will be available in sufficient quantities in the designated place. No personal material for hanging up posters is allowed. Hang your poster up 30 minutes before the session begins and remove it after  the session.
  • Please stand next to your poster during the guided poster presentation session you have been assigned to so you can give explanations and participate in discussions during this time. Every author has been allocated 5 min for presenting their poster and 2 min for discussion. Chairmen are asked to observe the presentation time strictly and we will encourage all chairmen to interrupt the presentation when the time is over.
  • The poster must have the congress image shown at the top. This image will be made available privately to the authors.
  • The poster must contain the sections: title, authors, institution, keywords and content.
  • Content: Introduction, objectives, material and method, results (these should occupy most of the poster, they can be presented as tables, graphs, figures and photos) and conclusions (the most important part, they should be brief and clear). Updated bibliography.